Болгарское общество гумусовых веществ


Българско дружество по хумусни вещества

Европейский альянс по почвам и земельным ресурсам


The European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) e.V. is an association of cities, towns and rural districts together with comparable local authorities with the aim of making an active contribution to sustainable soil use.

Испанское общество почвоведов


La Sociedad Espanola de la Ciencia del Suelo (SECS)

Итальянская ассоциация почвоведов


Associazione Italiana Pedologi. Le finalita associative sono di formare, valorizzare, promuovere e tutelare la figura del pedologo. L'Associazione intende inoltre: promuovere la conoscenza della pedologia; divulgare il ruolo del pedologo quale esperto con ...

Немецкое общество почвоведов


Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft. The German Soil Science Society (DBG) is a non-commercial association with about 2,000 members interested in soil scientific questions.

Польское общество почвоведов


Polish Society of Soil Science, in frame of bilateral agreements, co-operates with the following Societies: German Society of Soil Science, Dokuchajev Society of Soil Science, Lithuanian Society of Soil Science, Ukraine Soil Science Society, Soil Science ...

Португальское общество почвоведов


Portugal Soil Science Society / Sociedade Portuguesa da Ciencia do Solo

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