The results of the Call for Small Research Projects on soil salinity (FAO / Eurasian Soil Partnership) 2016 have been published

In May 2016 a call was opened by FAO in collaboration with the Eurasian Soil Partnership for Small Research Projects dealing with soil salinity. Fourteen project proposals were submitted to the evaluation committee. After a peer-review process five projects fitting to the scope of the call and having the highest scientific quality were selected. We congratulate the winners.

1.​ Solonetzs and solonetzized soils of Republic of Moldova: remediation methods

Institution: Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection "Nicolae Dimo"

Coordinator: L. Boaghe

2.​ The revelation of the negative influence of processes of salinization and alkalization on the fertility of soils of Ararat plain and the applying actions for improvement of their ameliorative condition

Institution: Research Center of Soils Science, Agrochemistry and Amelioration after Hrant Petrossyan, branch of the Armenian National Agrarian University /RC SAA ANAU/

Coordinator: S. Sahakyan

3.​ Evaluation of salt-accumulating capacity of halophytes in order to develop an alternative method of controlling soil salinity

Institution: Research Institute of Karakul Sheep Breeding and Desert Ecology

Coordinator: N.A. Bobokulov

4.​ Analysis of spatial and temporal changes in agronomically valuable properties of soils in the conditions of technogenic salinization of the soil cover on the territory adjacent to the Soligorsk mining region using GIS technologies

Institution: National Institution Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Coordinator: A.F. Charnysh

5.​ Evaluation of ecosystem services of saline soils under the influence of reclamation

Institution: National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky»

Coordinator: S.A. Balyuk

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